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Nutrigaya is inspired by the principles of ancient traditional medicines and holistic, whole-body healing systems.

We believe in providing your body with natural support for a sustained and inspired sense of well-being. Our philosophy is grounded in living consciously - being aware of your body and making sure to invest in its health.

Discover the energy of true well-being

Our bodies are incredible. Their processes are hard to replicate artificially – nothing detoxes as efficiently as a liver, no engine is as long-lasting and strong as a heart.

In order to work at its best, your body needs the right fuel to keep its energy balanced. This means nutrition: nutrients, vitamins and minerals. For a person of general good health, natural products are the best way to support natural processes. The reality is that the demands of modern living are making it more and more difficult to supply your body with the goodness it needs, resulting in chronic ailments, discomfort, low energy levels and a high consumption of unhealthy products.

Nutrigaya has curated a selection of ingredients which have, for generations, served as a life-balancing force for cultures around the world. Our products can be easily integrated into your daily life, so you can experience their positive benefits.

Native to India, Moringa Trees have spread throughout the world.

This extraordinary tree is not the plant of a single community; it has been used as a traditional medicine and foodstuff everywhere from Africa to South and Central America and across South East Asia. Moringa is often referred to as a ‘miracle tree’, and while that claim may seem grandiose, it is rooted in evidence of astounding health benefits.

Anyone looking for a gift from nature need look no further than the remarkable Moringa tree. For such an incredible plant, its appearance is very inconspicuous. You’d think a tree capable of so much would look more impressive, adorned with wild flowers of a dozen colours – but the modest Moringa is not particularly spectacular to behold.

Weighted down by its own fruit and its humble white flowers, you’d be forgiven for walking past this source of astounding life-giving value. But don’t let appearances deceive you. Moringa leaves are one of the richest sources of nutrition on the planet. There is no other known plant that fulfils such a high percentage of our basic needs. If we didn’t live in cities, we’d probably be growing our own.

Rich with nutrients

The Moringa tree is almost a complete food source. Its proteins, unlike those of the soybean, are much easier for our bodies to assimilate. It’s high in fibre and iron, and is a near-perfect source of nutrients in terms of concentration and variety.

Moringa has up to 46 types of antioxidants, known to help fight free-radical damage. It contains 90 different nutrients and 18 amino acids, including 9 we can’t produce ourselves. Amino acids are the building blocks that our bodies depend on to support our muscles, skeletal system, brain and metabolism. They are absolutely essential to our health. Moringa’s abundant and concentrated nutritional value can positively support a variety of ailments, to support lasting well-being.


How Moringa supports well-being

Moringa’s benefits may include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. There is no known side effects, making it suitable for breastfeeding mothers, children, the elderly and those who may have experienced allergies to synthetic treatments. It is known to boost the immune system, and with its high protein and fibre content, it’s a helpful nutritional aid in maintaining weight.

The list of health benefits of Moringa is extensive, but what is truly remarkable is its ability to support exactly what you need it to. It provides holistic support for your entire body, which in turn lends itself to greater peace of mind and a harmonious balance of energy within yourself.

Awaken your body,
through the power of the earth.

Bodhii Life is a carefully selected range of natural products, which address areas of our health where many of us face challenges.

Using only 100% natural ingredients, Bodhii Life products are dedicated to purity. Naturally absorbed and processed by your body, these products are easy to integrateinto your lifestyle and have been chosen to support your lifelong journey to health and well-being.