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Bodhii Boost


“My energy levels used to be low, and I found myself succumbing to seasonal illnesses. After taking Bodhii Boost, I could feel the benefits; I had more energy, I felt better, my immune system was stronger and I didn’t fear the coughs and colds that seem to plague the office. I add Moringa powder to my morning smoothie – it kick starts my day!” - Kate, 27 years old


“I live in the heart of the city. I work late hours and am often booked out with client lunches and dinners. I tend to eat on the go and all the elements of nutrition seem to be sacrificed for something quick. When I started taking Bodhii Boost every morning, I suddenly had peace of mind knowing that I was providing my body with all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs. I find my days pass more easily, I feel healthier, happier and full of energy.” - Ben, 34 years old


“I’m a vegetarian and an athlete. After discovering nutrient-dense Moringa I feel totally energized. I take it regularly during long-distance running events to boost my stamina and vitality.” - Cathy, 53 years old


“I’m an active person but I live in a heavily polluted city in Asia, and as a result I used to get sick constantly. I started taking Moringa three years ago now and amazingly, I haven’t fallen ill in all that time. I take 5 capsules daily and won’t travel anywhere without my Moringa! This really is a life saver!” - Jennifer, 33 years old


“Over the years I have worked hard to achieve a healthy state of being, sustainable energy levels and normal body weight. With daily dosages of green leafy veggies introduced to my diet through salads and smoothies, there have unfortunately been several occasions I’ve been unable to keep up that level of consumption – let alone trying to get my other family members stocked up with goodness! Moringa capsules have allowed me to easily keep up my nutritional intake and provide the same for my family on a daily basis.” - Claire, 48 years old


“I’m 82 and active. While many friends have succumb to the ailments of age, I have maintained my energy levels and feel better than ever. I take Moringa every day and for years have avoided the colds and flus that others get.” - Rosemary, 82 years old


I’m aware of many modern diets. It seems today that everyone is so quick to find a miracle cure for things, that they rarely look at the value of healthy habits. I’m a huge believer in Moringa and have been for years. It helps me feel light and energetic and is a vital part of my daily routine.” - Edouard, 73 years old


“I’ve been taking Moringa for the last four years and feel fantastic. Prior to that, I asked my family doctor how often I visited – 7 times on average for 11 years! I was coming in for chest, sinus and throat infections regularly. I’m so grateful for the change moringa has brought to my health.” - David, 41 years old

Bodhii Pure


“Bodhii Pure has been my most reliable supplement for a long time. I trust it so inherently that when our family dog was diagnosed with lymphoma and on a heavy regime of strong steroids, I added Bodhii Pure to his food, hoping it might help restore some of his liver damage. He lived for three months longer than any of us were expecting and did so with a much better quality of life!”  Stephane, 46 years old

Bodhii Calm

"Loving the Bodhii products. I've been using the Calm, Boost and Pure for a couple weeks and they're awesome! Don't drink coffee, but I've been wide awake in the mornings and sleeping like a baby since I got these, and it has been a very stressful time."  Sheli 


“Since taking Bodhii Calm, I’ve been sleeping so much better and I have more energy during the day. I tend to suffer from anxiety too, and this has really helped keep me calm and chilled!” George,28 years old


“My yogi friends have been talking about Ashwagandha for a while, and I’ve only just got round to trying Bodhii Calm myself. I’ve noticed big changes in my moods and stress levels. I work a lot and often let stress get the better of me – but after taking Ashwagandha, I feel as though my general well-being has improved.” Mia, 35 years old